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Lost Cat Postcard Set - 12 cards

Lost Cat Postcard Set - 12 cards

$ 20.00

From the pages for Lost Cat, A True Story of Love, Desperation and GPS Technology, this set of postcards is perfect for any cat lover - each one encapsulates a dimension of cats or cat ownership that anyone with a feline will relate to, including a helpful translation sheet for Meows. Postcards are ready to be sent via snail mail (hooray USPS!) or framed and hung on a wall. Printed on heavy, high quality, recycled paper, delivered in glassine sleeve with sticker. Each pack contains 12 4" x 6" postcards (4 images, 3 postcards of each image).

"The writing and drawings are funny. Nutty. Heartwarming. Smart. Loopy. Full of love." - Maira Kalman on Lost Cat